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“ Andrea has worked with us since April 2016 and we cannot describe her value to us in only a few words. She has a great demeanour, is always positive and hard-working and also completely unflappable. Andrea recently co-ordinated a collaboration between Subject Matter and the Royal College of Art which involved her liaising with over 50 RCA artists and around 20 speakers - and she didn't drop the ball once! 

In addition to handling big projects like that, Andrea assists us in a variety of ways. She lightens our load with general and financial administration, she maintains and develops our website and blog (Shopify and Wordpress), and she helps us with stock management. In the past she has assisted us with social media also. 

Andrea is great because she genuinely loves the world of art, and not just the business side of things. It has been a joy to develop this with her. We've shown her the basics of artist management, we've included her in many curatorial discussions and now she is looking after an artist herself. We should add that Andrea is fluent in Spanish, which is a bonus as I'm not sure we'd be representing this particular artist otherwise! 

We honestly cannot recommend Andrea highly enough, she is a joy to work with. We'd be very happy indeed to give references, should that be necessary. "

Subject Matter Art

" Andrea has helped me on a freelance basis and is a very capable, likeable, trustworthy pair of hands.  She is versatile and willing to turn her hand to most tasks.  She has helped me in a customer-facing role, greeting and explaining to potential clients the intricate working details of our artists.  Behind the scenes she has helped me to install when artwork needed re-hanging and preparation of presentation materials, involving manipulation of images and computer-based skills.   She is always quick, efficient and clear in communications. For desk-work, she is also able to work remotely, without supervision.  She is a fabulous resource for any business. "

Joanna Bryant, Joanna Bryant Ltd

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